To do, or not to do…

Blog post: Special Work Edition! It’s a Sunday at 4pm, the weather is absolutely disgusting, and I have too many things to do before tomorrow. I’m hoping that writing them all down here will lead to actually achieving them out of fear of shame…Also some of them are quite fun projects!

1. Create a header and design a layout for Beckii’s new blog. (Work in progress here)

2. Catch up on all the harmony work I’ve missed this term. (Whoops…)

3. Listen to different versions of the Rossini double bass / cello duet in preparation for my Chamber assessment on Tuesday. (totally not panicking. at all. not even a little bit.)

4. Sort out my tickets and start writing up short reviews of each concert. At the moment, they look like this, and it’s not good. Also sort out my intray. It’s SO TALL. 


5. Finish transcribing Arco / Pizz. It’s one of my favourite pieces by Project Trio and I think, really manageable as an introduction to the sort of style they play in, which is the kind of style I’d love to explore. Hoping to get a group together to play through this next week! Also, I love the musicality of this performance, and how excited they look to play. It’s lovely to watch :)

6. Finger up some double bass studies so I don’t look like a dick in my lesson tomorrow.

7. Do the Ornamentation homework!!

8. Read a book. I miss it. :(

9. Write my assignment from the head of study. (Scary.)

10. Soup for dinner :)

11. Prepare Thursday’s Spring Awakening rehearsal.

12. Start drafting my write up of Colton’s Big Night.

13. Write out the band parts for She’s So Old!

14. Email back singers, send out successful applicant pack.

15. Start thinking about orchestrations for Joe Eason‘s new album. (spoiler alert: it’s gorgeous)

16. Reply to email about Dido and Aeneas.

17. Finish Stravinsky pitch, compile a list of schools and send it off for appraisal. Eeee.

18. Start packing up my room. (Exciting update to follow)


I’m sure there’s more, but I’ve lost my To Do book, which means I literally have no idea what I’m doing. :( Seriously bad times. Let’s see if I can achieve this all….tonight….. (I really don’t think it’s going to happen.

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